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Welcome to Russia Miniatures Page

This site is dedicated to collecting miniature bottles in Russia. If you have any suggestions or comments, please, contact me. 

What's new?:

This web page has moved to a new location http://www.chat.ru/~miniatures. Please update your bookmarks. The old address http://www.glasnet.ru/~vadimov will be closed at 1/1/2000.

Miniatures collector, check out the links page. If you find your page there, please, link mine as well.



Эта страница посвящена коллекционированию миниатюрных бутылок. Если у вас есть миниатюры для обмена свяжитесь со мной. Пока можете посмотреть мою коллекцию (HTML-koi8, 200Kb).


Last update by Max Vadimov, June 1 , 2000

The author of this page is not a professional webmaster and he does not  intend to amaze the viewer with cool grafics. The purpose of this page is to educate and promote miniature bottle collecting. If you want to help with a piece of advice or comment it will be wellcome.

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